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Meet Sam

Sam comes in for fortnightly treatments at Blyss!

Sam is a Physical Education (PE) teacher who enjoys sport and living an active and healthy lifestyle. We asked him a couple of questions…

What do you achieve from treatments at Blyss?

Blyss allows me to perform at my best, whether it’s during sport or just everyday life. Regular treatments have become such an important and integral part of my preparation and recovery. Blyss is always such a positive and welcoming environment and I am always leaving with some new beneficial information, whether it is about nutrition, exercises for the gym or a different way to warm up before sport.

How does your body feel after treatment?

I have always had issues with my body throughout my sporting journey and can honestly say since beginning treatments at Blyss I no longer have those worries. Treatments at Blyss have allowed me to place more faith in my body which in turn has allowed me to enjoy my sport and physical activity so much more. Looking after your body is so important and I am thankful that I get to do that at Blyss.

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