Thoracic mobility is key

Pre-game/training mobility drills are super important prior to movement to improve quality, posture, performance and reduce the risk of injury. Mobility drills should be specific to the exercises/sport about to be performed.

The most common joints that have mobility dysfunctions include the ankle, hip and thoracic spine. These joints are a great place to start, to incorporate mobility exercises. It’s recommended to keep mobility pre-game/training dynamic however you can use static prior to dynamic if you have a more specific and severe mobility restriction.

This mobility drill is called ‘Cat Cow’ It’s a fantastic way to mobilise through the thoracic spine and open through the abdominals and erector spinae group.

Aim for 10-15 reps.

Top tips: When rounding up (cat) press through your whole hand (finger pads, knuckles and palms). Squeeze your core muscles and push out from your upper back.

When arching (cow) retract and squeeze your shoulder blades together and look up. Be careful not to crunch into your lower spine, focus more on lengthening from your core.

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